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Welcome to Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust

Dr. Mrigendra Raj Pandey established Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust (MSMT) in 1975. To support its activities Dr. Pandey donated a building situated in the heart of Kathmandu in Jamal. As Jamal is in the commercial centre of Kathmandu, the premise was rented out for commercial purpose.

The income was used to buy medicines and pay for the services of doctors and helpers who went to the remote area of the country to treat the sick and disadvantaged people in the communities. The Trust was established with the hope that his token contribution would serve as a foundation on which bricks would be added by others making it a nationwide medical charity dedicated to philanthropic services. This may also motivate others to charity.

  • Vision : Help the helpless with medicare, health and social services to the
    underprivileged communities in Nepal.

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New Book

The book "Struggle for Social Service in Nepal" was launched by Rt. Hon'ble President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav at President House on 27th July, 2011. It was written by Dr. Mrigendra Raj Pandey, Founder of Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust.

Recently, the following two new articles of MSMT were published in Global Heart Journal.

1. A checklist for CVD control in South Asia, Vol 7, No 2, July 2012, pp 193-194.

2. Household smoke pollution and chronic cor pulmonale, Vol 7, No 3, September 2012, pp 261-263.


Struggle for Social
Service in Nepal


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